08 January 2010

Nog love

Now that it's been taken off of the shelves, I wanted to say a word about the best egg nog I've ever had. I assure you, my exuberant declaration is not the opinion of a newbie to nog. I consider myself to be something of a connoisseur, in fact. I have tried the majority, if not all, of the major and/or available brands of egg nog (non-alcoholic) and I have yet to find one that comes close to this Organic Valley offering. Those of you who never consume egg nog without alcohol are not welcome to comment on this post. I am discussing egg nog that can stand on its own and this product does so and shines! The fact that it is organic and natural is, of course, a bonus, but this nog is brilliantly executed. Unfortunately, the vast majority of egg nogs on the market are flavored to strongly, often with artificial flavors. This results in the bouquet smelling much like bubble gum flavoring. This, being the standard, sets the bar abysmally low for egg nog quality. Organic Valley's egg nog is not only exceptionally well balanced, its flavor is perfectly understated when compared to all the other offerings. I rarely, if ever, wax rhapsodic about a product, but this one blew me away this season. Kudos to you, Organic Valley! You've made an amazing product.

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